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Making the decision to take care of your vision correction needs is vital to the improvement of your long term eye care. That is where we come into view. Our optometry offices provide all-inclusive services that ensure your vision needs are met with satisfaction. For starters, we provide a thorough contact lens exam along with the latest line of contacts for correcting your vision.

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Getting Fitted for Your Lens

To begin the process, make an appointment for a contact lenses eye exam. This will allow our team of eye care specialists to determine the most appropriate prescription for your eye correction. Our eye doctors will evaluate your vision correction needs. Next, your eye care professional will determine you eye structure and tears before selecting your new lens. Choosing the type of lenses that you will use involves several key factors including:

  • The type of materials used for the contact lenses, such as soft lenses, hard lenses, GP lenses or hybrid lenses 
  • The length of time you will wear them before removing them, such as daily or extended wear
  • How frequently you will dispose of them, i.e. daily, frequent or reusable
  • The overall contact lens design, which can include spherical, toric, bifocal or orthokeratology

As you can see the factors that go into determining a patient’s prescription for contacts will vary greatly. That is why you want to get a professional perspective that begins with a contact lens exam.

Seeking Professional Care for Your Vision Correction Issues

To ensure that your vision correction issues, whether you have an astigmatism, nearsightedness or farsightedness, allow our optometrists the opportunity to help you find the right solution for you. Every person has his or her own vision correction needs. It is our job to find the optimal route for improving your vision. Let us assist you with your vision concerns whether you select contact lenses, glasses or some other form of eye care treatment. Contact our offices today to schedule your appointment for a contact lens exam to begin the process of obtaining prescription contacts.

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I recently visited Cheyenne, WY, and arrived without my contact lenses. I contacted Eldred Eye Center, and they quickly helped me with some trial lenses that matched my prescription - no muss, no fuss, with great mood and excellent care. I highly recommend Eldred Eye Center, and if I lived in Cheyenne, they would be my eye care providers!

Stuart A.

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