“I recently visited Cheyenne, WY, and arrived without my contact lenses. I contacted Eldred Eye Center, and they quickly helped me with some trial lenses that matched my prescription – no muss, no fuss, with great mood and excellent care. I highly recommend Eldred Eye Center, and if I lived in Cheyenne, they would be my eye care providers!”

“Thank you all for all for your kindness and understanding. All is great now. I can see very good now.”

“My dog scratch my eye 12 hours later the pain was nearly unbearable. So I called at 4:15pm to see if they could get me in the next day (as a new patien). They squeezed me in the same day and within 10 min of being in that chair the pain was gone. They took such good care of me and fixed me up. My family will be patients here for life! It’s hard to find good osteopathic sometimes. But these guys are truly amazing. I can’t thank them enough.”